Summer Shade for your Business: Why it Matters

When it gets hot people need shade. For businesses, having an awning and drop screens can help keep your customers cool and most importantly, attract clientele trying to escape the heat.

Awnings provide shade for both customers and your business. For restaurants, an awning, coupled with other shade products like drop screens, can provide revenue generating outdoor dining space. The use of an awning appeals to folks in the summer because they associate the shade with relief from the heat.

So why does this matter for you and your business? Does having an awning really help your sales? The answer is yes. Awnings are proven to increase revenue generating space for businesses like restaurants and other stores that utilize the shaded area for placement of products that attract people.

Awning Benefits in the Summer:

  • Minimizes Color Fading: Your products can lose color if left in direct sunlight day after day. If you have outdoor furniture like at a restaurant, awnings also help minimize sun damage and color fading of your expensive tables and chairs.
  • You’re A/C Doesn’t Work as Hard: With an awning, the interior of your business will be cooler by a few degrees because the sun isn’t directly hitting it.
  • Attracts Clientele: People want to be out in the summer, but it doesn’t mean they want to get sunburned. They will gravitate toward businesses that provide an inviting and cool space; awnings provide both of those things.
  • Advertising Space: Awnings installed on commercial properties and businesses are canvases for your logo or other branded icon. This is a great way to advertise your business with a fixed cost; you only have to print and install your awning once. You don’t have to keep buying your ad space like you do in a newspaper or radio spot.

The benefits of an awning are numerous and using one in the summer is a great idea because this provides your business with an extra edge over the competition who might not have one. If your business looks cool and inviting, people will want to come inside. So remember, awnings are more than just shade structures, they are part of your business and can generate revenue if utilized properly.

Now that you know a little more about awnings and the benefits for your business, let us know if we can help you with your next shade structure project. And remember, if you’re awning is damaged, you can always replace the fabric or the frame. For more information about Made in the Shade Awnings, contact us today at (562) 355-2252 or visit us at You can also reach us by email at

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