Shade Structures

Shade structures are so named because they primarily are fabricated with the intention of providing shade over play or social areas with mesh fabrics (high density polyethylene is the most commonly utilized fabric for this application). That particular type of HDPE mesh fabric-covered shade structure is typically found on public school and park playgrounds; shade structures of that persuasion are regulated by the Department of State Architecture (DSA).

Made in the Shade does NOT fabricate DSA-approved shade structures at this time, but we will fabricate them for private schools and park settings.

It is of note, however, that the term “shade structure” has also come into vogue in the construction industry as an overarching term for canopy. In this broader sense of the word Made in the Shade offers a wide variety of canopy solutions that include not only mesh and solid fabric roof covers, but also metal covers such as corrugated, sheet and standing seam cover options. These metal cover options apply to some traditional awning styles, patio canopies and free-standing canopies of all types.

If your commercial project or property requires a fabric or metal covered canopy structure (i.e. “shade structure”), Made in the Shade will fabricate a high quality and enduring canopy solution of your specific requirements at a competitive rate.

For a consultation with a canopy specialist, call in to schedule a site-specific visit.

Made in the Shade Awnings uses only top quality products and carry the industry leaders in fabric. All of our fabrics come with a 10-year guarantee so you can rest assured that your awning will be around for a long time to come.

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