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Shade Structures
70% Shade cloth
70% Shade cloth top view
School shade structure
Shade screen attached existing trellis
Tension Structure Shade Canopies
80% Shade Cloth
Shade structure with a mesh drop roll
Shade structure on trellis with a drop roll
Top side of a shade structure
Black mesh shade structure attached to existing frame
Mesh shade structure with custom notches
Interior Liner
Tension shade structure
80% Mesh material
80% Shade Cloth
Polytex Tension Shade Structure
Polytex, tension structure material
Tension Structure Shade Canopies

While the term "shade structure" has gained more traction in the construction industry as a general term for "canopy," the nomenclature "shade structure" has historically indicated a minimally framed free-standing canopy that has a mesh fabric cover with a steel cable running around the perimeter of it. The steel cable running the perimeter of the fabric cover aids in compensating for the minimalist frame and creating tension where frame members are absent.

Shade structures are routinely seen at public parks and public schools and are used to provide shade over play and lunch areas for children. Please note that Made in the Shade Awning does NOT fabricate DSA (Department of State Architecture) approved shade structures in California; however, we DO fabricate them for private park and school settings. Shade structures are also used in the horticulture industry to mitigate direct sunlight onto sensitive plant life.

As shown in our photo gallery, shade structures can be free-standing canopies, or can simply be mesh fabric covers installed onto existing building conditions such as a trellis or pergola. Mesh fabric covers come in varying percentages of UV mitigation, and in a wide variety of colors--for the most part, the darker the color of the fabric, the higher UV protection percentage is afforded by the mesh fabric cover.

If you are in need of a shade structure canopy, or would like to provide shade over your existing structure, call Made in the Shade Awnings for a quote.

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