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Retractable Awnings

Commercial awnings provided by Made in the Shade Awnings serve a wide variety of purposes for the business owner, building contractor and the property manager. Awnings can function as excellent sources of walkway or doorway coverings during inclement weather; standard slope and dome awning frames with canvas and/or vinyl fabric covers are especially adept at shedding water away from the building, thereby creating dry spaces under which your clients can navigate their way into your place of business.

Awning aesthetics combined with the utilitarian functions of commercial awnings provide building-enhancing style to your business location. For instance, custom sewn stripes and attention-grabbing colors create wonderful contrasts to a building's facade and draw the eye toward your business' identity. In addition to stripes and vibrant colors, graphics and artwork can be incorporated onto your commercial awnings fabric cover--creating an even more robust sense of identity for your business.

If standard or dome awnings are not pleasing to your eye, consider convex or concave awnings for a different look--or try spear awnings for a breezy, coastal aesthetic often seen in locations such as Santa Barbara and San Clemente. Whether you have a newly-constructed location, or your current building is undergoing a tenant improvement, or if your building is absolutely in need of refurbishment, consider commercial awnings as a way to create a visual dynamic for your storefront. If you fall into one of these categories and are considering an awning solution for your storefront, call Made in the Shade for a quote.

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