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Peak canopy over outdoor dining area
Peak canopy with custom graphics
Rolling Hills Country Club Entry Canopy
Canopy attached to corrugated building to provide more coverage
Drop Rolls attached to canopy to provide coverage from the elements
Another view of drop rolls to canopy to show variation
Outdoor dining area
Covered outdoor dining area with custom striped fabric
Entry canopy with offset posts
Canopy with a triangular shape
Residential canopy over balcony
Custom shaped canopy to cover balcony
Canopy providing shade over a deck
Canopy providing shade over sports event seating
Four-sided peak canopy
Canopy cantilevering over outdoor entertainment area
Canopy to provide coverage from cash machine
Residential carport canopy
Entry canopy over local golf course
Canopy to cover outdoor walkway
Flat panel canopy with slight slope over outdoor space
Canopy attached to concrete wall
Back span truss Patio Canopy
Corrugated wall install
Custom shape canopy
Industrial Canopy Applications
Industrial Canopy Truss System
Peak Canopies
20' x 25' free standing canopy

Whether you classify your exterior space as commercial, industrial, or residential, there often comes a time when you have exceeded the capacity of your interior space and need additional covered spaces at the exterior of your location. In many cases, your needs may be met by an entry canopy to provide coverage for your guests to gather before entering your facility; an entry canopy is connected on one side to a building and supported with upright posts--such a canopy can be arched or gabled depending on your desired aesthetic.

And while entry canopies usually project away from the building only a few feet, one may find that it is necessary to cover a more extensive area, perhaps for an outdoor dining area adjacent to the building's interior dining space--this type of canopy is called a patio canopy because it too is attached to the building on one side and supported by upright posts; however, the potential area that can be covered is usually much larger than an entry canopy.

Made in the Shade Awnings has fabricated patio canopies for many different needs, ranging from creating dining spaces to covering industrial equipment from weather conditions to ensure manufacturer warranty conformity--creating protection from weather conditions can be achieved by using vinyl fabric covers or metal covers.

Another type of canopy that is routinely required by a variety of users is the free-standing canopy--a free-standing canopy is not attached to a building on one side like entry and patio canopies--it is completely self sufficient and can be located virtually anywhere on a property to create lounging spaces, like a cabana with canvas fabric curtains and top cover, or one can be used to cover equipment for industrial use, or to cover employees and customers utilizing point of purchase stations.

Irrespective of the space you need to cover or why, Made in the Shade Awnings has a solution for your canopy needs. Be advised that canopy covers can be fabricated in a wide variety of canvas, mesh and vinyl fabrics, or, for your more exacting weather challenges, metal roof options are also provided.

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